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Our Services

Puppy and kitten


Discounted puppy and kitten vaccine packages available

We offer all core vaccinations for dogs and cats. 

 - Rabies Vaccine

 - DA2pp


 - FeLV

 - Leptosporosis

 - Heartworm test

 - Bordetella


surgery dog

Surgery Services

We offer a wide variety of surgeries.  


Some of the more involved and complicated procedures we provide include: FHO, Fracture repair, TTA, Patella Luxation, 

Emergency surgeries are also offered for cases such as Pyometra, exploratory surgeries, Perineal Urethrostomy, 


Clinic Services

Many of our services are provided at shelter costs, with little wait times for full veterinary procedures and diagnostics.  

Our in house blood analyzers provide results in under 30 minutes. Digital X-ray machine and Ultrasound on the premises for definitive diagnoses. 

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