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Clinical Services

  • ULTRA SOUND       

Our advanced model Ultrasound machine allows us to perform non- invasive diagnostic exams  without the use of anesthesia, viewing internal organs without surgery.                 


Our extensive in-house laboratory system is an integral part in early detection of  changes in your pet's health and in the diagnosis of illnesses. We can quickly provide you with essential information identifying blood disorders, parasite infections, liver and kidney disease, diabetes, infection, thyroid disease, and other hormonal problems.

Echocardiograms are also helpful for cardiac evaluations of your pet's heart and the structure of the heart valves. Muscle thickness and heart contractions can be measured.  


Radiographs are fundamental in diagnosing and treating many conditions. Our IDEXX DR 40 Digital radiographs provide high quality images over traditional processing with x-ray films. Since there is no film development process you can often see your pet's x-rays in the exam room and the doctor can zoom in to show you areas of concern.​​


We all want our pets to live long and healthy lives. The foundation for quality veterinary care is preventative care because it ensures longer, healthier lives for your pets. Wellness care includes frequent "head to tail" physical examinations, protection from parasites, vaccination against disease and discussion of any concerns with your veterinary professional.


 Pet dental care is important for maintaining healthy teeth and gums, certainly. You may not realize that dental care can protect your pet from systemic medical problems such as heart, kidney, and liver disease. The gums and tissue of the mouth offer the perfect outlet for transporting infection throughout the body, causing illness and even death in an otherwise well-cared-for pet.


We offer a fully stocked pharmacy as a convenience for our clients at our hospital. As an added benefit, monthly preventative and long term use medications are competitively priced. We purchase our products directly from manufacturers who guarantee their safety and efficiency. You can be assured that we will stand behind medications, vaccinations and other medical products which we provide. Best of all, you can take home your medications with you after your appointment.

This is not a full list of services available, please contact the office for any questions.


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