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Spay/Neuter Services

Spaying or Neutering your pet is beneficial in many ways, for you and your furry friend. 

Neutering solves 90 percent of all marking issues, even in cats that have been doing it for a while. It can also minimize howling, the urge to roam, and fighting with other males.

Spaying/Neutering your pet decreases risk of certain kinds of cancers, such as breast cancer and testicular cancer. 

10 million animals enter U.S. shelters every year. A surprising 90% of animals entering shelters are not fixed.   Approx. 70,000 puppies and kittens are born every day in the U.S., to reduce pet overpopulation, we offer low cost spay/neuter surgeries, and encourage the spay/neuter of all pets undergoing surgery. 

Spay/Neuter Prices

All of our Spay/Neuter services include a Rabies vaccination.

Medications to go home (antibiotics/pain) are not included.

A Microchip can be added to your pets surgery for $35

Bloodwork is required for all pets 5 years of age and older ($140). 

If your pet is in heat at time of surgery, there will be an additional cost.

Canine                                                Feline

under 20 lbs           $160                                                                     All sizes     $120

20.1 lbs - 40 lbs      $185

40.1 lbs - 60 lbs      $230

                  60.1 lbs - 80 lbs      $260

                  80.1 lbs and up       Exam required first

** Should you need to cancel, the deposit is NOT REFUNDABLE **
Pet may be required to have bloodwork as required by age ( $ 132 ) Includes Rabies Vaccine ( if needed ) Medications are not included. Make sure your pet has no food or...
Spay/Neuter Dog
8 hr
Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
Spay/Neuter for a cat - $120. Includes Rabies Vaccine Medications are not included. DEPOSITS ARE NON REFUNDABLE
Spay/Neuter Cat
8 hr
Wed, Thu, Fri
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