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About our clinic

The name Paws 2 Health, LLC was originally established in 2014 by Eve Van Engel.


Eve then transferred the business name on to Dr. Choi in 2017. Her goal was always to help more animals at affordable prices.


 After her passing in late 2017, Dr. Choi worked to continue the clinic, which opened in March 2018.   

Eve Van Engel, Sigrid Kumpe, and Dr. Choi in 2013

Our Staff

Dr. Changbae Choi

Having worked in Palm Beach County since 2012, Dr. Choi has close ties to the community, and strives to offer the best care to all patients. 

Dr. Luis Melendez

Our bilingual vet of choice, Dr. Melendez has an extensive history working with the dogs and cats here in Palm Beach County. Dr. Choi and Dr. Melendez have often worked close in the past, so their teamwork flows very smoothly together.  

Support Staff

Aisha, Alysia, Candy, Erika, Joseph, Kaitlyn, Kyle, Sigrid, Pam, and Vilma


Clinic Tour

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